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The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Schools

Carmen Young

In today’s educational landscape, the integration of artificial intelligence is reshaping traditional learning paradigms. From personalized tutoring systems to data-driven assessments, AI technologies are revolutionizing how students engage with content. This article explores the multifaceted roles of AI in schools, highlighting its potential to enhance educational outcomes and experiences and its potential to be abused.

The capabilities of AI are such that one may not have been able to tell that the first paragraph was written completely using AI. The ease with which a student can input a prompt and get answers is remarkable. Students have the answers to almost any question readily available to them. This creates a complicated situation where students can opt to use AI for their benefit in a responsible manner, or abuse it to cheat on assignments. 

Teachers at Willow Glen High School have been battling the rapidly popularizing ChatGPT, an AI Chatbot free for public use. Some teachers have begun integrating AI into their lessons, while others have been using preventative measures to ensure that students do their own assignments. The most common way teachers have been keeping their students from using AI on assignments is using an AI checker when grading. The checker breaks down text and seeks out patterns to determine if students used AI. Some teachers have also begun to do timed essays in class so that students can’t work on it at home and use AI.

The majority of students at Willow Glen High have used AI for a variety of purposes. With AI, the possibilities are endless; you can make art, write essays, ask questions, and much more. Students can use any of these features to complete assignments, and often they do. This raises the question of whether or not students should have access to AI chatbots such as ChatGPT. When asked if he believes students should be allowed to access Chat GPT on their school computers, Berkeley Anderson (‘24) said “Absolutely, I understand the importance of more conventional skills like writing, reading, and arithmetic, but a lot of what’s important these days is also being able to use the modern tools at our disposal like AI or ChatGPT.” 

With AI growing in popularity, students and teachers alike are learning how to adapt and use it to their advantage. In the years to come, it is likely that more advanced artificial intelligence will be created and the cycle of students and teachers racing to learn how to use it first will start again.

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