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How Pets Affect Emotional Health

How Pets Affect Emotional Health

Daniela Patino and Isabella Navarro April 25, 2024

Owning a pet can have several positive effects on one's day-to-day physical and mental health. Having a loyal companion and unconditional love are just a couple of the benefits of pet ownership.  Animals...


Importance of Visual Performing Arts

Julia Pignataro April 25, 2024

Art classes, which have been mandatory in California’s state curriculum since 1995, are an integral part of every student’s schooling experience. Despite this, the arts do not receive equal attention...

Student Volunteer Work

Nancy Phan April 25, 2024

Within the busy academic hallways, all around are students on the search for knowledge or compelled to do assignments as a way to pass the class. Most are content to finish their last years of high school...

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Schools

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Schools

Carmen Young and Angel Villarreal Flores April 25, 2024

In today's educational landscape, the integration of artificial intelligence is reshaping traditional learning paradigms. From personalized tutoring systems to data-driven assessments, AI technologies...

The Most Wonderful Times of the Year

The Most Wonderful Times of the Year

Wyatt Ahlbrand and Trevor Ross March 5, 2024

The winter season means many things to different people, but one thing that everyone shares is the joy and happiness it brings. Spending time with family and celebrating unique traditions holds lots of...

The people in our lives have influenced us every step of the way!

Inspirations and Influences

Miley Faris and Nancy Phan March 5, 2024

Every student embarks on a unique journey, a path filled with countless influences and inspirations. Students' ability to broaden knowledge that stimulates their intellect, as well as friends who extend...

College Boards Advanced Placement (AP) Logo.

How to AP

Abigail Townsend, Wellness Writer March 5, 2024

One week into my sophomore year, I remember staring at a graphing notebook full of scribbled composite functions, wondering what I had gotten myself into.  After two semesters of online learning, Honors...

Dr. Kenny Townsend with a student.

The Home Hospital Program

Emmalee Fredrick March 5, 2024

There are two different types of people when it comes to the Home Hospital program: those who know nothing about it, and those who know everything about it. If you have no idea what I’m talking about...

Mental Health word cloud


Angel Villarreal Flores, Wellness Writer March 5, 2024

Have you ever wanted to improve your health, both mental and physical? Although this may seem like an impossible process to begin, the abounding world of self-care is at your fingertips, and you may see...

Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies

A Seasonal Baking Guide

Fifi Omer, Layout Editor November 30, 2023

Whether or not you're celebrating a holiday in these upcoming months, there's something for everyone to enjoy in seasonal recipes. If baking is what you're into, be sure to try these recipes this fall!...

Cianna Miranda (11) and her varsity field hockey team score a major victory over Del Mar

Mental Health of Student Athletes

Nancy Phan and Miley Faris November 28, 2023

Student-athletes are conquerors whether they’re on the field, on the courts, or in the classroom. With that being said, what is the state of their minds, and what about their mental health? Diving deep...

Tap water sample from room R105

What’s Our Water

Addison Anderson, News Editor November 28, 2023

If Willow Glen students know anything, it’s not to “drink out of the water fountains,” as Principal Amy Hanna emphasized, as she was approached with students’ concerns surrounding campus water...

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