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Inspirations and Influences

The people in our lives have influenced us every step of the way!

Every student embarks on a unique journey, a path filled with countless influences and inspirations. Students’ ability to broaden knowledge that stimulates their intellect, as well as friends who extend their perspectives, are all aspects of someone who is growing as a person. These experiences are what help make us who we are, from affecting academic growth to steering our ambitions. Multiple students from Willow Glen High School voice their inspirations and the things that make them who they are today. 

 Whether a student grows up with a parent or sibling who watches movies, sings, plays a sport, or even cooks, these are all influential aspects. Haley Ocumen (‘25) says “My dad influenced me to play sports because that’s always been our connection and how we bond.” Even if it’s not always realized, our influences are all around us and they take shape in many forms. Without the people in your life that matter the most to you, the things that seem important now, won’t matter. 

Not only that, but inspirations ignite students’ passions, while influences mold their perspectives. Someone who inspires you to do something you love can’t be replaced. Natalie Faris (‘24) who is a devoted choir singer and actor says “Barret Wilbert Weed is my inspiration because she played my dream role which I now get to play and I take much inspiration from her performance.” 

Denise Sagahon (‘27), who is a committed soccer player, says that her older brother Christopher is her biggest inspiration and just someone she has always looked up to. Denise says “Christopher is someone who has set a really great example for me and has also opened my perceptions about soccer. He has always helped me pursue the sport and I truly think he’s inspired me to play well in soccer and to love the sport.” Most of the time, the people you’re surrounded with are the ones you take after the most, so imagine not having that person who inspires you, what would you be interested in?

Every day is a new chapter for growing teens. These chapters are filled with countless experiences, each one an opportunity for the development of individuality. Whether it is a sports game or a challenging subject, every interaction leaves an imprint on who you are.  


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