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Juniors Timeline For College

Megan Davis April 30, 2024

Eleven years and nine months ago we, the class of 2025, started kindergarten, and now as we watch the class of 2024 receive their college decision letters, we too are starting to prepare ourselves for...

Japanese Internment Camps

Emmalee Frederick, Devon Rowe, and Gemma Wenzel April 30, 2024

Around 82 years ago, Japanese Internment Camps were imposed across the United States, specifically in California, and Yoshiko Nakahiro Kanazawa experienced them first hand. For the past few years Mrs....

Harper Lahde (24’), also known as Plu. “P”
for Plu.

Portfolios: The Horrors!

Fifi Omer and Alex Plette March 5, 2024

For those of us with career goals in the vast field of visual arts, there is an additional challenge added to already-daunting college applications: an art portfolio. I (FO) found myself on a metaphorical...

Old WGHS yearbook spines. Vintage! Cest chic.

WGHS Yearbook

Daniela Patino, News Writer March 5, 2024

The Willow Glen High School yearbook highlights school year events and makes school memories last a lifetime. Nice farewell messages, the excitement of choosing senior quotes, the signatures on the last...

Some fields and careers you may enter with the help of SVCTE classes.


Guadalupe Ochoa Felix, News Writer March 5, 2024

Sillicon Valley Career Technical Education (SVCTE) is a high school program involving STEM which offers 25 courses that help pupils get ready for college and their future careers. Upon asking SVCTE participants...

Graduation: something we get to do thanks to WASC accredidation.

What is WASC?

Every high school student across California spends four years in an almost identical routine: waking early each morning, arriving on campus, and spending countless hours each day doing various readings,...

The dreaded testing season is approaching.

Digital College Board Testing

Noralee Zwick, News Writer March 5, 2024

The Scholastic Aptitude Test, more commonly known as the SAT, is a standardized test used by many colleges and universities to assist in college admissions. In spring of 2024, its distributor Collegeboard...

New shoes a Willow Glen High School student got for Christmas.

Gift Trends

Emmalee Fredrick March 5, 2024

We’ve all seen it: the first day back from winter break and everyone’s walking around sporting their new gifts from the holidays. That girl from first period is carrying the newest Stanley around and...

Older fashion trends making a return!

2024 Fashion Trends

Julia Pignataro and Elexa Razavi March 5, 2024

Scrolling through social media, it’s easy to get caught up in videos proclaiming that red is the color of the year or to get lost wondering how bows have somehow become the latest style. While it might...

Kristen Stewart. Get excited!

Upcoming Movies

Rebecca Philips, News Writer March 5, 2024

If you… …think you are Ryan Gosling and/or just want an adrenaline rush, watch The Fall Guy Ryan Gosling (Lala Land, Blade Runner 2049), alongside Emily Blunt (Oppenheimer, The Devil Wears Prada),...


Loading: Video Game Updates

Rebecca Philips, News Writer March 5, 2024

Minecraft: Minecraft's upcoming 1.21 update, unveiled at Minecraft Live, promises an exciting blend of adventure, combat, and crafting. The redstone-powered Crafter block, a copper bulb for illumination,...

Citrus Pit performing at The Pillars, San Jose. From left to right: Sam Immel (‘24), Daniel Sarinara (‘24), Lennon Heitkam (‘24), and Blake Hall (‘22) (not pictured).

Citrus Pit Takes Over

Rebecca Philips and Nate Labao March 5, 2024

Lead singer and guitarist Lennon “Ludacris” Heitkam (‘24) credits his own father, a musician, as his initial source of inspiration for forming the band. By 2022, bassist and Heitkam’s lifelong...

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