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Juniors Timeline for College

University of Chicago — one of the most expensive colleges in the nation.

Eleven years and nine months ago we, the class of 2025, started kindergarten, and now as we watch the class of 2024 receive their college decision letters, we too are starting to prepare ourselves for the future that lies in front of us. As some juniors start to tour colleges and even the one they may end up attending in the Fall of 2025, it’s important for all to look ahead and get an idea of the next steps, deadlines, and financial assistance that is available, while also getting advice from current seniors. 

Gaining knowledge about college

Finding the perfect college is not always an easy process and for the most, the stress comes from picking the right school for them. To make this process easier, making a list of interests and colleges that suit one’s interests, not only allow for one to grasp what they are interested in but also gives an idea of different colleges suitable for themself. It is also important to take the time to consider the desired college location and narrow down the search from there. There are three types of colleges; community, state, and private. Include all options when learning about colleges and when touring colleges, anything could happen and, having an open mind on all of the available options allows for more opportunities. 

Applying for college

Navigating the complexity of college applications presents soon-to-be college students with a spectrum of choices and strategies to consider, from the flexible admissions of community colleges to the binding commitments of early decision and the varied timelines of early action and rolling admissions. Community colleges, offering a more flexible approach, stand apart with their more fluent deadlines and welcoming applicants year round. Yet for those interested in state and private colleges, the deadlines come into place, and each with its own set of entanglements. Early decision is a better path for the decisive who have a clear first choice college, as early decision demands students to legally bind themselves to their chosen college by November. The most common path for high school students is regular decision which offers until mid-January for application submission which allows a suitable amount of time for contemplation and research. Early decision also presents a middle ground, providing the bonus of early notification without the bind of obligation, offering a breath of relief to the undecided. Lastly, rolling admission colleges have varying deadlines for applications. However, the earlier students apply, the higher the acceptance chances are, as the colleges accept applications as they come in rather than all at once. Every student navigates their own college path, weighing the options and looking ahead at their future.

When considering the costs of applying to college, applicants encounter a range of fees depending on the type of school they are applying to. Community colleges typically have lower application fees, ranging from $0-$50, making them a more affordable option for many students. Public state colleges have an average application fee of around $53, while private colleges have slightly higher fees, averaging around $67 per application. These costs can quickly add up for students applying to multiple colleges, but many schools offer fee waivers for eligible students to alleviate financial barriers.

Available support on WGHS campus

At Willow Glen High School, our campus offers support for the growth of all students. There are dedicated academic counselors available every day, students have the opportunity to discuss their future aspirations, college plans, and personal development. The counselors offer guidance designed to individual needs, ensuring that each student receives personalized advice on the best path forward. Additionally, Willow Glen has the College and Career club where representatives from various nearby colleges present information about their schools, helping students explore their options. Moreover, students of Willow Glen have the access to get assistance with college application fees, ensuring that all students have equal access to higher education opportunities. Willow Glen also provides an array of access to scholarships, both academic and athletic. With these resources and support systems in place, Willow Glen High School permits its students to thrive academically and professionally, setting them on the path toward success in college and beyond. 

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