Senior Activities


Weber Maisel

Weber Maisel (12) and friends at 2023 Willow Glen High School Prom

Trevor Ross, Activities/Athletics Writer

High school is full of great experiences, especially for seniors, it’s their last chance to embrace a set of traditions that will forever create memories for them. From Prom to Junior vs Senior Wars, to Senior Sunrise, Senior Sunset, and Senior Ditch Day, all these senior activities at Willow Glen High School capture what senior year is all about. Senior year is about making the best out of your last year of high school and these events help create unforgettable moments that seniors will cherish for the rest of their lives. 

Senior sunrise and senior sunset are traditions at Willow Glen High School. It marks the beginning and end of the school year for seniors. Senior Sunrise happens at the beginning of the school year. Seniors gather early in the morning to watch the sunrise together on the football field. During senior sunrise, the seniors are also provided with coffee and donuts.  According to Lukas Bojer, a senior at Willow Glen High School says Senior Sunrise is a “good experience for all seniors because they realize it’s their last year of high school”. At the end of the year, the Seniors all gather one more time for Senior Sunset on the football field with snacks and drinks to watch the sunset. Senior Sunset is the final event for seniors to attend as the school year ends. 

Senior Ditch Day is a tradition where high school seniors come together to skip school on the same day. Not only does this day allow seniors to miss school, it also serves as a celebration for students nearing the end of their high school journey. This day is “a day every senior loves because they get to skip school and go to the beach,” says Bojer. Senior ditch day typically occurs near the end of the school year and gives students a break from the stress of schoolwork. 

Prom is also another prominent tradition Willow Glen has for seniors. Even though most schools have a separate prom for the seniors, Willow Glen has a joint junior and senior Prom. Regardless of this, Prom is still a very memorable event for seniors and serves as a milestone in their high school career. Leading up to the dance, students prepare their outfits to look the best. The Prom has music from a DJ, a dance floor to dance with friends, a decorative theme, and food services. This allows students to create memories with friends and classmates that will last forever.

Junior vs Senior Wars is a yearly tradition at Willow Glen High School that brings the two grade levels together like nothing else can. This tradition includes students going out at night with a group of friends to participate in pranking the other high school class. The pranks are usually harmless, like toilet papering someone’s house, but sometimes students take it too far in the spirit of the moment. According to Lukas Bojer, his tradition is one of the senior’s favorites because it allows students to have “great fun outside of school”. 

The senior activities at Willow Glen High School like Prom, Junior vs. Senior Wars, Senior Sunrise and Sunset, and Senior Ditch Day, create experiences that contribute to a senior’s final year of high school. Prom gives an opportunity for seniors to dress up and dance with friends. The battles of Junior vs. Senior wars allow students to participate in pranking each other. Senior Sunrise and Sunset marks their senior beginning and ending of high school. Finally, Senior Ditch Day lets students have a break from school and a chance to hang out with classmates. From these senior activities, memories are being created that seniors will cherish for the rest of their lives.