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2024 Fashion Trends

Older fashion trends making a return!
Julia Pignataro
Older fashion trends making a return!

Scrolling through social media, it’s easy to get caught up in videos proclaiming that red is the color of the year or to get lost wondering how bows have somehow become the latest style. While it might seem tempting to fall down the rabbit hole of microtrends, the new year brings good reason to suspect that specific fashion trends from the past have come to stick around. To discover what will truly be the latest trends this year, we surveyed the Willow Glen High School community on their thoughts and expectations. 

Last year, low-rise jeans made a brief resurgence at the beginning of the year as styles from the early 2000s gained a newfound popularity. However, this trend was short-lived, considering only 28% of those surveyed considered low-rise jeans to be the most popular. Instead, most responses voted for high-rise jeans, which in the past have been considered a comfortable and versatile option. 

The craze for low-rise jeans might have died down this year, but 2000s fashion has held onto the popularity it gained. This could mean a reappearance of cargo pants, velour tracksuits, capris, and chunky jewelry. However, it’s likely modern brands will have a fresh take on these familiar styles as consumers recognize what aspects of 2000s fashion are better left in the past. T-shirts featuring bands, artists, and characters have always been a wardrobe staple, but one can expect an even greater increase in their prevalence this year. Graphic tees have been subject to an uptick in popularity, being one of the highest-rated clothing options by those surveyed.

From the poll, over half stated that when they choose what to wear, comfort is the most important thing. This shows that, despite the influence of social media and the desire to stand out from the crowd, one of the most compelling factors when choosing a piece of clothing is its coziness.

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