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Abigail Townsend

Senior year is the year most students anxiously await and want to know every detail about. It is the year most of the underclassmen look forward to doing and living because of all the “senior activities” that get talked about 

Senior year is the year most students dream of, the year everything starts getting real, the “chill” year where the older kids live their lives, Its the year most of the underclassmen look forward to doing and living because of all the “senior activities” that get talked about 

There are twenty-seven days until the class of ‘24 walks across a stage and receives their diplomas. So what will they spend their time doing before then, and what have they been doing until now?

If there is one truth that seniors have learned as their high school experience comes to a close, it’s that: No matter what grade a student finds themself in, they should consider all the classmates they avoid, don’t spend time with, or haven’t yet had the chance to meet. Unfortunately, high school can be divided and many individuals refrain from participating in schoolwide and class events. For this reason, the leadership class has been diligently planning end-of-the-year activities — such as senior sunset, the senior sendoff rally, and prom — to bring the class of ‘24 together. Just as the seniors saw this year begin with a sunrise, they will see it end with a sunset.

One senior, attempting to make the most of her senior year, is Erin Robke. As a student-athlete involved in school and club sports, Erin expressed how she would normally avoid playing a spring sport for the school. However, she has made a special exception for her last semester of high school as she now finds herself playing girls’ lacrosse to “spend more time with people from school”.

Other seniors have been participating in a student-led game of Senior Assassin, in which they work with their partner to eliminate the pair they were given as a target with water guns. At the same time, they are avoiding elimination from the unknown pair that is targeting them. Once they have successfully eliminated their targets, they will receive new ones. This will continue until one lucky pair is left alive. A participant in Senior Assassin, Luis Ayala has expressed that the class of ‘24 has chosen to do activities such as this to make “the best out of their last semester because they know we don’t have much left”.

In a year, or two, or three, Willow Glen’s underclassmen will also find their time here running out. Senior Addie Morefield advises these younger students to “attend as many events as you can, play all the sports you can, and be in all the clubs you can”. Until it is your second semester of senior year, you won’t even realize how quickly high school goes by. 


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