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Safety Policies at WGHS

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How have our district’s safety policies changed over time? What policies has our school implemented to ensure school is a safe place for students, administrators, and faculty?

Ensuring the safety and well-being of students and staff in our district is extremely important. During May 2023, our campus’s safety was violated by a student carrying an unregistered firearm onto campus, with intent to harm. In the wake of this incident, the San Jose Unified School District (SJUSD) diligently reevaluated and updated its safety policies. This article will delve into the current safety policies in place and the changes made since the incident.

First and foremost, SJUSD has a team of 72 full-time counselors who work full-time with students to address their needs and provide support. These professionals are trained in crisis management, allowing them to respond effectively in times of emergencies. Furthermore, there is at least one health office technician on campus at all times, alongside 30 nurses spread throughout the district, ensuring that medical needs are met promptly. Our school follows the Comprehensive School Safety Plan (CSSP) from the California Department of Education, designed to secure students and staff and to prepare our campus in case of an emergency. 

In response to the incident last year, our district has made several adjustments to its safety policies. The changes, as outlined in the SJUSD Safety Policy Updates from Spring 2023, aim to address the gaps and enhance overall security. These include updates to crisis response plans, communication protocols, and training procedures for staff and students. According to SJUSD safety protocols administrators receive annual training on safety and all teachers have a guide on how to respond to different emergencies.

The safety policies currently in place within SJUSD are comprehensive and appear to be well-intentioned. The district’s focus on building a positive school climate, the presence of numerous full-time counselors, and the commitment to training staff in crisis management are commendable. The intensive effectiveness of these policies were demonstrated during last year’s incident.

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