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Pressures of Athletic vs Non-Athletic Activities

Reid Ahlbrand April 30, 2024

Students and athletes constantly feel the pressures of academics and athletics. From the feeling of failure to success, and everything in between, students constantly find themselves in positions under...

Sports Injuries and Preventions

Gemma Wenzel and Jasnoor Singh April 30, 2024

While growing up, many parents involve their children in different sports and activities. At Willow Glen High School, being a part of a team is important to many students as it's a huge part of their high...

College Decisions and Commitments

Megan Davis and Dante Solorio Garcia April 30, 2024

Since the first moment we were put into school, most of us have worked hard to graduate from school entirely and go into our next step into our lives. Whether that be college, trade school, or even just...

The Approach to Banned Books

Violet Lahde April 30, 2024

Despite its famed prominence in dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451, censorship of literature in schools takes on a much closer to reality role in US headlines. Nevertheless, within California’s more open...

Music in the Glen

Nate Labao April 30, 2024

Every other month, 4 times during the school year, the school bands and choirs join together to perform a two hour concert. From the recent Almost-All Pops concert, musical groups played and sang pieces...

Coach Highlights

Casey Azus April 30, 2024

Have you ever wondered who has the only All-American flag proudly displayed in the big gym? It belongs to a teacher at this school, Victor Santamaria. Coach Santamaria has been the head coach of Willow...

All Seasons Sports Awards

Cianna Miranda and Haley Ocumen April 30, 2024

Our student-athletes at Willow Glen High School have continued to excel by earning awards, breaking records, and winning championships. League awards are given out at the end of every season, highlighting...

Dont let gravity pull you down

Two Aspiring Musicians at WGHS

Nate Labao, Rebecca Philips, and Timmy Wei April 30, 2024

Aydreeyn Adrien Zamora (‘24), known as “Aydreeyn” online, is an indie pop singer-songwriter based in her living room. Inspired by America’s Got Talent to write a song for a fifth grade talent...

Juniors Timeline For College

Megan Davis April 30, 2024

Eleven years and nine months ago we, the class of 2025, started kindergarten, and now as we watch the class of 2024 receive their college decision letters, we too are starting to prepare ourselves for...

Senior Activities

Senior Activities

Addison Anderson and Guadalupe Ochoa Felix April 30, 2024

Senior year is the year most students anxiously await and want to know every detail about. It is the year most of the underclassmen look forward to doing and living because of all the “senior activities”...

Japanese Internment Camps

Emmalee Frederick, Devon Rowe, and Gemma Wenzel April 30, 2024

Around 82 years ago, Japanese Internment Camps were imposed across the United States, specifically in California, and Yoshiko Nakahiro Kanazawa experienced them first hand. For the past few years Mrs....

How Pets Affect Emotional Health

How Pets Affect Emotional Health

Daniela Patino and Isabella Navarro April 25, 2024

Owning a pet can have several positive effects on one's day-to-day physical and mental health. Having a loyal companion and unconditional love are just a couple of the benefits of pet ownership.  Animals...

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